About Locum Tenens

What is meant by the word Locum Tenen or Locum?

Derived from Latin it means "to hold the place of, to substitute for" and further refers to a physician or advanced practice healthcare professional filling in temporarily for another Healthcare Professional with similar credentials.

Temporary healthcare staffing is thus referred to as locum or locum tenen practice.

Temporary Healthcare Professionals who perform coverage are often spoken of as Locum Tenen or simply a Locum.

A Locum is one trained in primary care or any other healthcare specialty.

A Locum is an independent contractor Anesthesiologist or CRNA who accepts a practice opportunity through Bay Area Anesthesia.

Why do anesthesia professionals work as a Locum.and why do healthcare facilities call upon Bay Area Anesthesia the Fastgas.com Company to secure Locum services?

Client Advantages:

Forty years of experience in staffing over 5,000 clinics, hospitals and doctors' offices nationwide.

Keeps your facility up and running profitably during staff vacancies.

Proprietary database resource network of locum email addresses and cell phone numbers.

Prescreened, pre-qualified locum professionals.

Locum anesthesia professionals set to move nationwide on short notice.

Allows time to make intelligent permanent hires.

Supplemental staffing is assured during absences.

Locum may become a permanent staff candidate.

Real onsite skill and personality assessment.

Not the employer of record.

Thorough peer assessment prior to assignment.

Blast emails and phone calls to identify available locum professionals.

Close daily communications with locum and client.

Matchmaking by experienced placement staff.

Available locum professionals - one day to several days - to weeks - to months, depending on client requirements.

Locum advantages when accepting an assignment with Bay Area Anesthesia, the Fastgas.com Company

Forty years of experience in staffing over 5,000 clinics, hospitals and doctors' offices nationwide.

Significant nationwide client database.

Knowledge of a wide variety of types of practices and worksites.

Small veteran owned business.

Lower overhead than large companies.

Cost effective savings for our clients.

More dollars paid to the Locum for professional services.

Liability Insurance paid.

Travel and lodging paid.

Takes the hassle out of negotiations.

Income is not diluted to support a home or a vehicle unless chosen to do so.

Choose to invest in a motor home to take their home on wheels with them.

Test drive an assignment with the possibility of a locum converting to a permanent practice opportunity.

Placement Coordinators available on call 24/7.

Why would I consider Locum Tenen practice as a professional path?

There are three compelling reasons for a Physician or Advanced Practice Nurses to consider Locum Tenen:

First, Locum Tenen gives you the option of experiencing different medical practices, through observing healthcare delivery practices of newly acquainted colleagues. Such exposure allows you to learn new procedures and potentially experience more variation of cases than if you stayed in one practice setting. Locum Tenen work can expand your skill and armamentarium, as you interact with colleagues in various settings. With Locum Tenen you can test drive different types of practices, even the practice you think you want to join, before committing to a long-term contract.

Second, Locum Tenen positions give you the opportunity to travel. These positions open up anywhere in the country throughout the year. Our VA and government contracts allow you to practice nationwide with any valid state license. Locum Tenen jobs are filled by Physicians and Advanced Practice Nurses of all ages who enjoy a mobile lifestyle. Locum Tenen opportunities can provide a needed break and refreshing adventure. Remember, the position of your dreams might open up at any time, so please keep in contact with us.

Third, Locum Tenen positions give you financial freedom. A Locum Tenen Physician or Advanced Practice Nurses can do very well financially. In most cases the majority of your expenses (transportation, lodging, insurance) are taken care of. Also, many like the idea of not having the obligations of maintaining a private practice. Some Physician or Advanced Practice Nurses do Locums to supplement their income, while a growing number are choosing Locum Tenen as a vocational path.

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